Triple sofas

Most of the sofas in the Gala Collezione range offer a choice between a sofa for two or for three people. This allows you to choose the size of the furniture according to your needs and the space available in your living room. In addition, you have the option of creating many different combinations and combining smaller and larger furniture, for example a triple sofa with their smaller counterparts. What is the characteristic feature of this type of furniture? They can be very differentiated because they can have both two and three seats. The term three-seater sofa therefore refers to its size rather than design.

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Among this category of furniture, we can distinguish between folding three-seat sofas (which are then equipped with a sleeping function) and sofas for three people without a sleeping function. The popularity of the latter is systematically growing. Thanks to the fact that the engineers do not have to hide the function mechanism inside the furniture, this line of sofas is always a bit lighter, and the furniture itself can offer a bit more comfort of rest.

A triple sofa will look great in leather as well as fabric upholstery. It is a perfect solution for a small apartment, where every inch of space counts. The size of the triple sofa is large enough to provide enough space for the household members to rest, and at the same time small enough to fit into a room in a block, for example. The modern, foldable triple sofa in a small room will not only be a beautiful design element, but will also serve a very practical purpose. A model equipped with a daily sleeping function will easily turn the living room into a bedroom at night.