Furniture configuration

Furniture item that fits your needs

Each corner settee, armchair and couch produced in the Gala Collezione Furniture Factory are created on individual request. Your expectations related to specific finishing details, type of upholstery and configuration allow us to create a perfect model suited to the needs of you and your family. Your can also consult your choice with the salesman at your local showroom, who will tell you about the available solutions. The list of stores can be found under WHERE TO BUY tab

Match the sofa to the dimensions of your living room

The choice of sofa or corner sofa model is affected, inter alia, by space available in your room. You can choose a piece of furniture in a pre-set configuration (in such case you cannot change its size or dimensions) or design your dream sofa to match your living room dimensions using a virtual 2D creator available at The creator will guide you step by step through the process of designing a sofa using elements of the selected modular system. By following these steps you will be able to generate a piece of furniture that meets your expectations.

Choose upholstery type

Decide on the kind of upholstery that you like the most. You can choose from more than thirty colors of leather and hundreds of shades of upholstery materials. We recommend easy-to-clean fabrics with stain resistant properties. Find out more about the types of upholstery under NATURAL LEATHERS – CHARACTERISTICS and UPHOLSTERY FABRICS tab.

Choose furniture functions

Sleep function, movable headrests, relaxation function, electrically controlled seat, compartments, liquor cabinets and other – there are many functions that are used for convenience and to raise the standard of comfort. When you’re configuring a piece of furniture on your own, you can choose a set of functions that meets your needs to the greatest possible extent.

Contrasting or neutral thread

You freely match the thread shade to the color and type of upholstery. If you want a discrete finish – go for a uniform shade of thread and upholstery. If you want to emphasize the uniqueness and individuality of your furniture – choose the thread in a contrasting color.

Mix and match the colors and types of upholstery

In certain models of our collection there is a possibility of mixing different types and colors of upholstery: leather combined with leather, leather with fabric or fabric with fabric. It all depends on your imagination and the effect you want to achieve. A piece of furniture in two colors of more or less different shades is a guarantee of uniqueness and individuality.

Left or right hand corner sofa

You can select the orientation of your corner sofa to match the layout of the room, in which it will be located. In the case of Gala Collezione furniture, the orientation is determined by location of the sleeping function. Thus, the right hand corner sofa is the one in which the sleeping function is located on the right side (with you facing the furniture item), the left hand – on the left side.

Pay attention to the legs

Furniture collections differ in design, which also applies to the legs. Sometimes they are low and practically invisible, and sometimes they are an additional, interesting decorative element. Sofas can have straight or curved feet, massive or slender, traditional or modern in shape (so-called platform feet). Depending on the collection, they are made of different materials: chrome-plated, wood, metal or plastic. You can choose the colour of your wooden feet from the pattern book available in furniture stores.

In the case of solo chairs (i.e. chairs from Your Relax Space) and furniture from selected collections (e.g. Nicea, Monday, Merano) you can choose the type of base or feet. This allows you to match the style of your living room and give it a more classic or more modern character.

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