Sofas with headrests

The ability to adjust the height of the backrest is a very important advantage, which significantly increases the functionality of the furniture. How can this be achieved? With movable or optional headrests.

What is the difference between sofas with adjustable headrests and sofas with mobile headrests (optional)? In the first case, you can change the angle of inclination of the headrest, thus adjusting the height of the backrest and adjusting it to both your height and body position. The adjustable headrests are fixed to the backrest. Mobile headrests, on the other hand, are usually in the shape of a flattened cylinder with metal “rails”. To mount them on the backrest, it is enough to slide the metal elements into the prepared tunnels. The angle of inclination of this type of headrests cannot be adjusted; however, they can be freely moved between backrests.

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Sofas with adjustable headrests have many advantages. They will surely appeal to those who prefer furniture with a low backrest, but at the same time appreciate the possibility to adapt them to their needs. A sofa with adjustable headrests will provide comfortable head support when watching TV or reading. It will allow you to relax your tired back muscles and unwind after a hard day.

A sofa with headrests is a perfect choice for those who want to place it in a central point of the living room, instead of by a wall. Furniture with high backrest will not look good in the middle of the room – it can overwhelm and seem heavy. If, on the other hand, you choose a sofa with headrests that you can adjust, you can freely adapt its appearance. If you put the headrests on, the furniture will appear lighter and the room more spacious. If you lift it up, you can adjust the backrest to fit your figure, ensuring a good rest.

Headrests give the sofa a modern character. Whether you choose a sofa with adjustable headrests, fixed on the backrest, or with mobile headrests, which you can install on any backrest – it will surely be appreciated by your neck, tired after a day of work at the computer.