SMART LINE – reclining armchairs

SMART LINE – these are reclining armchairs, in which the latest technical solutions have been applied, allowing the furniture to adapt to your needs and your favourite body position. Their main advantage is the possibility to change the angle of the backrest and footrest, i.e. the relax function. This type of armchairs (also often referred to as TV armchairs, multi-position relax chairs or simply relax chair) are perfect for watching TV, reading or even taking a nap afternoon.

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From the SMART line of leisure armchairs you can choose the one that suits you best in terms of appearance and application. You may choose an electric reclining armchair (controlled by means of control buttons) or a manual reclining armchair (by means of your own muscles). If you prefer timeless elegance and class, you can opt for a leather reclining armchair. If you prefer soft and cosy fabrics – reach for the TV relaxation armchair in fabric upholstery.

An electric folding armchair is a hit if you are looking for a piece of furniture that guarantees comfort and convenience. To change the angle of the backrest and footrest, you don’t have to get up from the furniture. Just press the control button and the backrest and footrest will move to the desired position. So if you want to make yourself comfortable while watching your favourite show, you’re sure to be super comfortable in an armchair with a folding footrest and backrest.

When you fold it out, it turns into a comfortable relaxation armchair. When you recline the high backrest and raise the footrest, you can assume a semi-reclining position that promotes relaxation. With your legs raised higher, your circulation will improve and so will your overall wellbeing.

Within the SMART line you will find armchairs on a swivel base and armchairs on wheels, that are more mobile. This type of armchair will be an excellent option if you want to change the position of the furniture in the room quite often.

The armchair on wheels is a great option for those who like to move furniture to a different place in the living room, depending on your current need. You can easily turn swivel armchairs in the direction you choose – for example, towards the TV when you want to watch your favourite show or towards the window when you want to read in daylight.