Corner sofas on low legs

Those in favour of classic and traditional design will certainly pay special attention to corner sofas on low legs. This kind of design still has many fans who rely on strong, defined shapes. A corner sofa with very low legs, or completely invisible, will surely become a dominant element in the room, making this type of furniture look best in large, spacious interiors. When combined with a wardrobe, a bookcase or a chest of drawers reaching down to the ground, it will create an interesting and impressive arrangement which will elegantly fill the room.

Modern corner sofas on low legs are designed in such a way that their shape, functional solutions and appearance are combined in perfect harmony. The designers usually focus on minimalism and geometric shapes – wide cubic sides, smooth seats or backrests without unnecessary quilting or decorative elements, movable headrests thanks to which the backrest is lower, which beautifully balances the bulky and heavy piece of furniture. Wide welts in the same colour as the corner body without legs are an impressive, yet subtle decorative element. The key to designer’s success here is moderation and proper balance of all elements that make up the form of the whole.