Sofas with sleeping function

Multifunctional furniture has many supporters because of its extremely practical dimension. This is why sofas with a sleeping function are so popular among many people. Modern folding sofas ensure that your living room will have space for both sitting down in the afternoon and night’s rest.

Depending on the model you choose, the sofa can be used for daily sleeping as well as for occasional overnight stays. When buying a piece of furniture for your living room, pay attention to the type of mechanism it is equipped with – thanks to this you will be guaranteed that the sofa with a sleeping function is well suited to your needs and thus will ensure your satisfaction from using it.

A modern sofa with a sleeping function can have a container for bedding

The folding sofa with a bedding container will save you space in your closet or wardrobe. You can store a duvet and pillows in a box hidden in the furniture. Remember that not every sofa with a sleeping function has such a container. This is the case in sofa beds of the Italian system, for instance, where the bedding with mattress is hidden inside the furniture during the day. It is worth adding, however, that such sofas – in exchange for the lack of a container – offer an extremely comfortable in use and easy to unfold sleeping function. When unfolded, a sofa with an Italian system turns into a comfortable bed – you sleep on a full-size mattress made of high-flexible foam.

Will sofas with a sleeping function and a container for bedding also work in smaller apartments?

Of course! Their great advantage is that they don’t take up much space. In addition, they play three important roles – they are a place to relax (you can sit on it, lie down, watch TV, read books, surf the Internet, etc.), a place for everyday or occasional night-time rest and a place to store bedding. If you add to this beautiful design, elegance and ergonomics, this modern sofa is an ideal choice for anyone who above all appreciates the comfort of life and convenience.