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Useful tools

Creator 2D Gala Collezione

It is a useful free tool that you can use when working with your customer on arranging their living room. With this tool, you can easily configure a sofa or a corner sofa in line with your customer’s expectations. Thanks to the creator, you do not need to rely on ready furniture configurations — instead, you can design a sofa or a corner sofa featuring e.g. a modern U-letter shape, a liquor cabinet, the relaxation function, and an electrically controlled seat.


Main advantages of the creator:


Where do I find the creator?

NOTE: The Gala Collezione 2D Creator was designed as a web application for computers or laptops with the Windows operating system. We recommend using the Mozilla or Chrome browsers. In order for the creator to work correctly, the browser window must be maximized.

Furniture configuration process in the 2D Creator:



An alternative to the 2D Creator is the free View at Home application intended for users of phones and tablets with Android or iOS. You can use it when creating an interior design for your customers.

How to use Intiaro



How can View at Home help you in your work with customers?

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