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Creator 2D Gala Collezione

It is a useful free tool that you can use when working with your customer on arranging their living room. With this tool, you can easily configure a sofa or a corner sofa in line with your customer’s expectations. Thanks to the creator, you do not need to rely on ready furniture configurations — instead, you can design a sofa or a corner sofa featuring e.g. a modern U-letter shape, a liquor cabinet, the relaxation function, and an electrically controlled seat.


Main advantages of the creator:

  • ability to plan the space with perfect accuracy down to one centimetre — which is particularly important in the arrangement of rooms having untypical dimensions or shapes,
  • the ability to check if a piece of furniture in the selected configuration will fit in the room, taking into account the minimum distance required between the wall and a piece of furniture with the relaxation function,
  • confidence that all functions will work smoothly in the configured furniture (e.g. the sleeping function or the relaxation function) — the creator informs you what module combinations are acceptable.


Where do I find the creator?

  • At
  • On the home page of the website – click on the “Design a sofa in the 2D Creator” tab.

NOTE: The Gala Collezione 2D Creator was designed as a web application for computers or laptops with the Windows operating system. We recommend using the Mozilla or Chrome browsers. In order for the creator to work correctly, the browser window must be maximized.

Furniture configuration process in the 2D Creator:

  • Stage 1 drawing the room where the furniture is to be placed.
    By determining the dimensions of the room, you define the scale according to which the furniture will be designed — the system will choose the size to match the room dimensions.
  • Stage 2marking “obstructions”, e.g. cabinet furniture, flower pots, pillars supporting the ceiling, doors, partition walls, etc.
  • Stage 3 — selection of a Gala Collezione modular system and the actual configuration
    The designing process is simple — all you need to do is indicate the modules that you want to incorporate into your arrangement. The Creator will inform you on a current basis what blocks can be combined together for their functions to work smoothly.
  • Stage 4 printing a summary
    When you have finished the design, you can print a summary for your customer containing a drawing of the configured sofa/corner sofa and specifications of all selected modules. With the summary, the customer can visit a selected furniture showroom and order a piece of furniture with the selected configuration on the spot.
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