ENJOY – chaise longues and divans

The name chaise longue can be associated to many people with a very traditional piece of furniture, which comes from the French royal courts. For many also, the first association with the word chaise longue is leather. Today, however, this piece of furniture is experiencing a renaissance because it has been given a modern and timeless form. Today, the chaise longue combines modern design with a shape well known in the past. Stylish chaise longues (also known as divans) is furniture that is primarily intended for lazing in a semi-lying position. This is determined by the construction of the furniture – it takes the form of an armchair with an elongated seat, on which the whole body can be comfortably placed.

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Stylish and modern chaise longue from Gala Collezione

The modern chaise longue for the living room is an element of the arrangement, which will surely be noticed and appreciated by both the household members and guests. A leather or upholstered chaise longue covered with fabric, a folding chaise longue, electrically-controlled chaise longue, or traditional chaise longue with cosy “wings” – there are plenty of forms and proposals. They have a common denominator, though – perfect contouring, perfect finish, modern design and comfort. Afternoon relaxation on a chaise longue will surely become a permanent element of your daily routine.

The stylish chaise longue is perfect for large, spacious living rooms, where there is enough space for a solo relaxation zone. It can be used as TV furniture, because its elongated seat allows you to relax with your legs raised, comfortably arranged. And such a position has a great influence on the circulation and allows the whole body to relax. The chaise longue, i.e. a sofa divans placed in the bedroom can serve as an additional seat. You can, for example, make yourself comfortable on it when you read bedtime stories to your children.