Corner sofas without sleeping function

Unfolded corner sofas, which are used primarily for seated rest, are an increasingly popular category of lounge furniture. These types of corner settees are most often chosen, for example, by people who have a guest bedroom and therefore do not need any additional sleeping space in the living room. Those people do want a lot of space to sit comfortably while resting, however. A corner sofa – even the smallest one – provides a seat for a minimum of three people or guests.

The fact that there is no need to hide the functional mechanism inside the furniture makes this type of furniture usually visually lighter than its folding counterparts. They often have high legs that make them look very slim and airy. Since there is no need to hide the functional mechanism inside an unfolded corner sofa, as a rule the comfort of the seat is slightly higher in this type of furniture compared to unfolded types.

An unfolded corner sofa allows you to create a beautiful and comfortable space to relax in your living room. Such a corner settee is not sleeping room furniture – it is therefore suitable for interiors that are intended for daytime rest. Unfolded corner sofas combine the resting function with an impressive, beautiful design. They can be very stylish, ornamened with spectacular quilts and stitches. They can also be designed in a minimalist, austere style, whose main feature is simple form and lack of any unnecessary decorations.

Among the available models there are corner sofas with more compact shapes, which will also fit perfectly into smaller space. If you have a large apartment, you can go for a unit with larger dimensions and large, deep and wide seats.