Pojemniki i schowki w meblach Gala Collezione

Containers and compartments in upholstered furniture

5 March 2021

Remote controls, newspapers, glasses, pens, notebooks, a book you’re reading… Items that should always be at hand have the mysterious tendency to get lost exactly when we need them most. It is not always convenient to keep them in a chest of drawers, while it may look like a mess when you leave them on a table or bookcase. What to do to “contain” your handy items?

Skóry naturalne w ofercie Gala Collezione

How to clean a leather sofa to make sure it is damaged?

10 February 2021

Natural leather maintenance is easy and not very complicated, if you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and use the recommended agents. But if you decide to experiment and do spontaneous cleaning, the effect may surprise you. Unfortunately, usually in a negative way. Read this article if you want to know how to quickly damage the leather upholstery of your sofa. You will also learn what to avoid if you want to achieve the exactly opposite result ;)

Jak zbudowana jest sofa? | Inspiracje Gala Collezione

Let’s see what’s inside – a few words about how a sofa is built and how to assess its quality

12 January 2021

If you want to assess the quality of a sofa, you should definitely check more than is visible to the naked eye. What determines most of its quality is hidden inside the sofa. We have some useful tips for you on how to ensure that your new sofa purchase is a satisfactory investment. Find out which elements of the sofa structure determine its quality and how to verify this quality.

Żółte meble wypoczynkowe do salonu

Sun-coloured leisure furniture

10 December 2020

What adjective best describes this colour? Avant-garde? Warm like a spring ray of sun? Stimulating? Optimistic? It has it all – invigorating, positive energy, pleasantly stimulating warmth and dynamics that makes everything around more lively and refined. How to introduce yellow to the interior? Here are some tips.

Jak powiększyć wizualnie małe wnętrze? | Inspiracje Gala Collezione

How to arrange a small living room to make it seem bigger?

26 November 2020

You just need some creativity and a handful of practical tips to make a small living room a visually larger space. There are many different decorative tricks you can use. They will allow you to enjoy a harmonious, functional and beautiful arrangement also in a small living room. Here are 20 tips for decorating your living room to make it seem bigger.

Sofy w kolorze butelkowej zieleni | Inspiracje Gala Collezione

A sofa in colours of nature – green in interior design

15 October 2020

Green is a colour closely connected with nature. It symbolises its beauty and harmony. It calms down, soothes the senses, and makes rooms cosier and more elegant. This colour is associated with wealth and looks great in both classic and modern interiors. Fall in love with green and invite it to your living room!

Jak zmienić aranżację pokoju za pomocą dodatków? | Inspiracje Gala Collezione

The living room metamorphosis, or how to quickly change the arrangement with accessories

18 September 2020

If you want to change something in your living room, refresh its design or create a different mood on a limited time and budget, you can do it quickly and simply without having to do major renovations and invest much money. All you need are a few add-ons to completely change the aura of your room. Here are some ideas how to do this.

Jak urządzić mały salon? | Gala Collezione

How to arrange a large living room? Some suggested layouts using sofas and armchairs

31 August 2020

A living room is a showcase of your home, as well as a place where you spend most of your time with your loved ones during the day. For this reason, it should be furnished in a functional but also visually attractive way, so that the moments you spend in it allow you to relax and rest. The large space in the living room gives a lot of interesting arrangement possibilities – here are a few hints how to arrange the space in the room using different combinations of the 3 + 2 + 1 type set (three-person sofa, double sofa and armchair).

Skóry naturalne w ofercie Gala Collezione

Facts and myths about natural leather furniture that you may not know

6 July 2020

Natural leather as an upholstery material for furniture has many supporters, who claim that only furniture dressed in a natural leather cover looks elegant. There are many different opinions and beliefs about natural leather – it is thus worth taking a closer look and checking which of them are based on facts and which are only myths.

Kreator 2d Gala Collezione

Do you want to set up a sofa by yourself? Here are some tips how you can do it quickly, easily and with pleasure

7 May 2020

The Gala Collezione modular systems offer the possibility of configuring a variety of furniture layouts, from two-seater sofas, through traditional L-shaped corner sofas, to large U-shaped corners. A single modular system lets you set up to several dozen different combinations that can be matched in many ways. Gala Collezione has prepared a free tool that allows you to comfortably design your dream piece of furniture yourself, an online 2D creator app.

Jak urządzić mały salon? | Inspiracje Gala Collezione

How to arrange a small living room?

2 April 2020

It would be ideal if we could live in large, spacious, comfortable houses, where everyone has their own space for themselves and the living room is so large that you can roller-skate in it :) Unfortunately, we don’t always have that possibility. What if the living room in your apartment is small, but you would like to arrange a cosy rest area where you can relax pleasantly? Here are some tips what to do to make the room look bigger and how to arrange the furniture, provide comfort for you and your family.

Meble tapicerowane z funkcjami podnoszącymi komfort wypoczynku | Gala Collezione

NASA technology for the chosen or convenience for all?

17 February 2020

Relax function, electric sensors, sedalift, dual-motor electric mechanism, battery, click-clack, modular systems – concepts that appear in descriptions of modern upholstered furniture can make you dizzy and suggest that it is a technology from NASA’s laboratory, and therefore only for the selected ones. Is that really the case? Are these solutions just for the “insiders”?

Jak wybrać sofę do spania? | Inspiracje Gala Collezione

Purchase guide – how to wisely choose a corner sofa or a sofa with a sleeping function?

19 January 2020

Are you planning to buy a sofa or corner sofa with a sleeping function? We advise you how to ensure that the furniture you choose meets your expectations in terms of design and appearance and guarantees a successful and healthy night rest. Here are the essential 7 things you should definitely bear in mind. Make sure you consider each of them.

Przydatne narzędzia do projektowania wnętrza | Inspiracje Gala Collezione

GUIDE – How to configure a sofa or a corner sofa with elements of the selected modular system?

10 December 2019

Modular systems give very many arrangement options. Thanks to the variety of modules available in such systems, you can configure furniture according to your needs and tailored to the dimensions of the room in which they are to be placed. We will tell you what to look for, how to read the symbols and design a piece of furniture to meet all your expectations.

Kreator 2d Gala Collezione

Are you buying a sofa for the living room? Check what you should bear in mind

10 November 2019

Regardless of whether you’re buying a sofa at a brick-and-mortar furniture store or you have decided to order it online, you should consider some basic issues. Check what you should bear in mind to make the purchase successful, so that the sofa fully meets all your expectations.

Promocja - kup taniej narożnik Domo Gala Collezione z funkcją relaksu

Time to relax!

3 May 2019

If you value comfort above all else, you should check furniture with a relaxation function, which will turn an afternoon nap or TV watching into a real pleasure.

Jak urządzić kącik do czytania? | Inspiracje Gala Collezione

Formula for the perfect reading corner

15 February 2019

You can read everywhere – on the bus, while waiting at the doctor’s office or at home. When the weather is good, it is nice to sit down with a book on your favourite bench in the park or by the river. However, during the long autumn and winter evenings, the preferred place in a cosy reading corner at home.

An interesting, addictive book can keep us in one place (or even in one body position!) for long hours. So, it is a good idea to ensure that our space chosen for reading is comfortable, properly furnished and peaceful to create a favourable atmosphere. Check how to create the perfect reading corner in your apartment.