Sofas on high legs

A trend that has been gaining more and more supporters for some time now is the arrangement of a living room with a sofa on high legs. What makes this type of furniture popular? First of all, elegance and practical considerations. A sofa on legs (which can measure from a dozen to even 25 cm) seems visually lighter and slimmer than traditional furniture with low legs. This is of great importance in smaller rooms, for example – a sofa with legs will not overwhelm a small room. Its design will give you a lot of optical space and additionally introduce a breath of modernity and elegance into the apartment.

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We often do not pay attention to what the furniture stands on. It’s a pity, because legs are a detail that affects the overall design of the sofa and can become its decorative element. Sofas with legs are practical and beautiful. They are easy to clean underneath them (it doesn’t involve moving the furniture), they look light and modern, and they are very elegant. Depending on the material the legs are made of, the character of the furniture may change completely. Sofas on wooden legs will fit very well into Scandinavian interiors, sofas on metal legs – into modern interiors, and sofas on platform legs – industrial – into minimalistic interiors and lofts.

Sofas on legs – for constructional reasons – are usually not equipped with a sleeping function. Thanks to the fact that designers do not have to place folding mechanisms inside them, it is possible to offer even higher comfort of the seat. Among the available variants there are those that are complemented by modern functional solutions, such as for example the movable backrest with SAR system (available in the Genova sofa). It is also worth remembering that this type of furniture is as stable as the classic models.

The design of the sofas with high legs makes such furniture look elegant both when placed against the wall and when standing in the middle of the living room. If it is also accompanied by stylistically selected armchairs on legs, you can be sure that your apartment will look very modern and fashionable.