Double sofas

A double sofa is not only suitable for smaller rooms, where the available space does not allow for a larger piece of furniture. It will also look great in a set, for example with two armchairs, a second double sofa or a sofa for three people. The most important feature of double sofas is their compact dimensions. Thanks to them you can be sure that such a piece of furniture will also fit into a small room or even a lounge annex in a studio.

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In large apartments, suites and lofts, a double sofa will gracefully look composed with other furniture designed in the same style – for example, with a comfortable armchair, a three-seat sofa or a second double sofa in a different colour of upholstery. Composed freely in various configurations, they will allow you to create an interestingly arranged daily rest area, where you can comfortably rest with family and friends.

The variety of shapes and styles in which double sofas are designed is enormous. Apart from the design, which makes this type of furniture different at first sight, an important feature is also the construction of the furniture. A double folding sofa guarantees the possibility of using the furniture for night’s rest (depending on the type of mechanism used), either occasionally or every day. In the version without the sleeping function – the double sofa will ensure comfortable rest when sitting, for example during afternoon meetings with friends and family.