Corner sofas with sleeping function

Corner sofas with sleeping function is a proposal for those who appreciate functionality and comfort. Such a piece of furniture provides space for comfortable, afternoon relaxation, as well as guarantees a comfortable night’s rest for your guests. When choosing a corner sofa that is to turn into a bed at night, however, pay attention to the mechanism. They differ not only in the way they fold out, but also in the design and level of comfort they offer. You can read about how to choose a corner sofa with a sleeping function to perfectly fit your needs on our blog.

The type of sleeping function that the folding corner is equipped with is less important if you use this function occasionally, for example, only when your family visits you or your friends decide to stay overnight with you. On the other hand, if you want to sleep on a piece of furniture every day, opt for a corner with an Italian frame (in this case, you sleep when the corner is unfolded on a full-size mattress) or the DL sleeping function. In order to increase the comfort of rest we always suggest using surface mattresses, so called TOP mattresses, which will level the comfort on the whole sleeping surface and additionally protect the furniture upholstery.

How to choose a leather and modern folding corner?

By choosing a modern corner sofa with a sleeping function you can decide on the type of upholstery and location of the sleeping function. It can be located on the left or right side. This allows you to choose a piece of furniture to suit your room layout. Among our proposals you will find folding corner sofas designed in a minimalist style, which are characterized by simplicity, minimal decoration and quilting. There are also models with a more decorative finish, which attract the eye with spectacular stitching on the seats or the side.

The folding corner sofa can be used as a separate piece of furniture in the living room. If space permits, it will fit perfectly with a chair designed in the same style or a large stool, which can serve as an additional seat or a comfortable footstool.