Sofas with low legs

The classic design of lounge furniture is usually associated with low legs and a strong, defined body. The legs in this case are usually not visible at all or are so low that they remain practically unnoticed. If you see a sofa with low legs at a store, you are most likely standing in front of a piece of furniture that is additionally equipped with a sleeping function.

Low-leg sofas can be very different in design – from classic, through minimalist, vintage, glamour to modern. It is worth remembering that such models are quite a distinctive element of the arrangement, as they are rather massive, often have wide sides and large sizes.

Sofas on low legs strongly refer with their style to the classics. They can be richly quilted or without additional stitches, making them look more modern and minimalistic. They can have wide and massive sides, on which you can comfortably rest your hands or use them as a headrest when relaxing in a lying position. They can also have narrow sides – then the piece of furniture becomes a bit lighter visually, because a thinner side also means a smaller width of the furniture.