Upholstery fabrics

The Gala Collezione offer includes fabrics with various properties and textures, including plaits, knitwear, velvets, flock and chenille. These fabrics differ not only in appearance but also in technical parameters. All fabrics in our offer are selected to ensure the highest quality and guarantee long, trouble-free use of the furniture, and their range of colours is so wide that it will satisfy the tastes of even the most demanding customers.

Remember that the thickness of a fabric is not always synonymous with its greater durability. When choosing a fabric for your furniture, pay attention to various parameters, such as the presence of the liquid-proof treatment, abrasion resistance (which is determined by the Martindale test), resistance to pilling and discolouring, tear or tensile strength.

At least several hundred different shades are available in total – so you can freely create your own individual colour sets.

How to choose the upholstery for your needs?

Choosing the type of upholstery for your living room is an extremely important decision. It affects both the aesthetics of the furniture and its usefulness. Therefore, it is worth taking into account not only the visual and tactile qualities of a given upholstery material (e.g. its colour and texture), but also its strength parameters and natural features, as this will allow the furniture to fit your needs and lifestyle.

Other factors will thus be taken into account if you intend to use the furniture rather rarely, others if the sofa will also be a place for your children to play, and others if you have four-legged friends at home. Natural leather upholstery will give your furniture timeless elegance. Stain-resistant fabrics will ensure easy cleaning and will make it harder to absorb stains that may arise, for example, in your children’s games. Fabrics with high strength and abrasion resistance (e.g. flocks) are better suited for pet owners. Velour and other fabrics with a delicate sheen will give the room a beautiful and elegant three-dimensional impression.

Important: the same piece of furniture upholstered in natural leather has different stitches and cuts than those covered in fabric. This is due to the different structure and surface appearance of these materials.

Remember also the characteristics of natural upholstery materials. You can read more about them in the USE OF FURNITURE tab.

Technical parameters of the fabrics

Although the most recognizable parameter is the Martindale test, it is not the only one that determines the durability of the fabric. Each time, it is worth noting the existence of other parameters, which (taken together) give a full picture of the fabric’s properties. For example, it may happen that a given fabric will have a high Martindale test result, but at the same time it will have very little resistance to both own and foreign pilling (appearance of small spherical bundles or balls on the surface of the fabric) and will quickly discolour under the influence of light. When you buy upholstered furniture for your living room that has a textile upholstery, ask the seller not only about abrasion resistance (Martindale test), but also about other parameters.

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