Corner sofas with pull-out seat

It can be said that a corner sofa with a pull-out seat is an intermediate version between an unfolded corner sofa and one that unfolds for sleeping. The basic feature of a corner sofa with a pull-out seat is the possibility of significantly increasing its depth and thus adjusting the furniture to the needs and height of the user. If the seat is retracted, it has a standard depth. If it is extended, it allows for comfortable positioning of the legs, e.g. by rolling them up or pulling them out freely. This makes watching TV, reading books or an afternoon siesta even more enjoyable. After a day’s work, tired leg muscles rest and circulation improves as the legs are positioned higher.

Operating a corner sofa with movable seat is very simple. Modern technology comes in handy here. Control is carried out by means of control buttons, discreetly hidden between the seat and the side of the furniture. Just touch the button and the seat will slide out, increasing its depth. You want to fold the furniture in? Press the second button to return the seat to its original position. The important thing is that you don’t have to get up from the furniture to use the function. This allows you to relax pleasantly, adjusting the sitting area to your needs.