MODERN – modern armchairs

MODERN LINE - modern wingback armchairs

The MODERN line is a group of wingback armchairs, which also includes bucket-shaped ones. These include swivel armchairs and armchairs on legs (which look like an armchair – chair). The modern design of such a bucket armchair makes it suitable for interiors arranged in various styles. At the same time, thanks to its original shape, dimensions and perfect contouring, the wingback armchair can be used in rooms of various purposes – it can be used as a living room armchair, a modern bedroom armchair or a comfortable furniture for a reading corner arranged in the apartment.

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A feature of modern bucket-shaped armchairs are the characteristic wings that wrap you up during your rest. Wingback chairs usually have high, comfortable backrests, allowing you to comfortably position your head. For some models (e.g. Zing or Neo) you can also choose an additional headrest that can be put on the backrest.

Wingback armchair can be quilted or solid; it can be fitted on a swivel base or have wooden legs. Depending on the type of base you choose and the type and colour of upholstery you select, you can create a completely different atmosphere in the room. An armchair with legs (for example in light or dark wood) looks more cozy, warm and homely. Wooden legs make its silhouette look a bit like a large, comfortable chair. The swivel bucket armchair on a chromium-plated base, on the other hand, has a completely different look – its body becomes more dynamic and modern, which makes it a perfect fit, for example, in the comfort of a home office or a work corner.

Swivel armchairs can also be used as a piece of furniture, which if necessary can be placed by a desk in your home office. The armchair on wooden legs will also look great in a spacious hallway, serving as a seat where you can sit down while putting on your shoes. Wingback armchairs have many fans and are very popular. The interiors in which this type of furniture appears look very modern.