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Company lab (G-LAB)

Quality is the most important factor

When deciding on a specific piece of furniture for your living room, you probably consider a number of different criteria. Certainly the most important factors for you are: appearance, price, size and utility functions. You probably also pay attention to its quality – which allows you to evaluate a piece of furniture as fully meeting your expectations. You check the condition of leather or fabric, its durability and comfort because you want your sofa to serve you for a long time.

When choosing Gala Collezione furniture, you can be sure that all the materials and components used for their production have been subjected to a thorough quality control immediately after delivery to the factory and the final product – which will be delivered to your home – meets all technical requirements and quality standards.

Elements of quality management process in the Furniture Factory Gala Collezione

 Quality system of Gala Collezione

We continuously improve our procedures and the entire process of furniture production. We look at this process as a whole – we focus on what is happening in our production facilities but we also strive to provide the highest quality at the suppliers’ level. How do we do it? Efficiently and responsibly:


G-LAB Laboratory is a guarantee of excellent parameters of your furniture

Laboratorium G-LAB firmy Gala Collezione zapewnia najwyższą jakość produkowanych mebli

Some of the tests conducted in the G-LAB laboratory include: PN-EN ISO 5402 “Tanned leather – physical and mechanical tests. Determination of resistance to bending using flexometric method”.

The samples placed in the device are bent 50.000 times before entering the production.

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