FAQ - Leather furniture cleaning

I have recently bought a Gala Collezione corner settee made of leather. What furniture leather preservative and cleaning agent should I use?

We suggest using products recommended by Gala Collezione. You can buy them at a furniture store distributing Gala Collezione furniture.

How often should I clean a leather couch and preserve it?

The first full cleaning and preservation procedure should be conducted using products recommended by the manufacturer right after buying the piece of furniture, when it is delivered to your house. We suggest performing the full cleaning and preservation procedure regularly at least once in 3-4 months. If the couch is subject to a particularly intensive use, you can conduct the procedure more often. It will allow the leather to maintain its appropriate features. When it comes to daily care, on the other hand, dust the leather with a soft cloth or a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush head.

Why should I perform the cleaning and preservation procedure right after buying the piece of furniture?

This will allow removing any possible small post-production or other stains that could have been left when transporting the piece of furniture. Preservatives, on the other hand, will protect the piece of furniture against stains that might appear during everyday use.

Why can I not apply wax or cream to leather upholstery? I have read many times on the Internet that you should grease leather.

You must not grease natural furniture leather, as it might cause irreversible changes in its appearance. Most greases changes colour into yellow under the influence of light, which may cause leather discolouration. Additionally, greases are conducive to the migration of colouring agents from clothes and leave a film on the leather that limits air and water vapour permeability. Decreased drying capability and the related excessive moisture of the leather might stimulate the growth of mould spores and, as a result, in extreme cases, might cause the leather upholstery to rot.

Why should leather not be cleaned with alcohol, soap, solvents, or cleaning creams?

Each detergent or chemical agent has its specific use. Household detergents usually contain caustic or aggressive components. Using them to clean leather might cause its discolouration, cracking, or unsightly holes. The same consequences might follow the use of agents containing this type of substances.

If I remove a stain from a piece of leather furniture with a cleaning agent, should I apply a preservative agent to the stain site only or to the entire couch?

If you are removing a stain from a leather couch, it is worth applying the cleaning agent to the entire surface area of the piece of furniture. Every use of a cleaning agent should be followed by the use of a preservative agent, as it creates a special film on the leather surface that protects against stains that might appear in the future.

Can I remove every stain from natural leather using the leather cleaning kit?

Cleaning effectiveness will always depend on how fast you react to the stain. The cleaning agent composition has been developed in a manner to handle the most common stains. Remember, however, that the sooner you react to a stain, the higher the chance of removing it and the lower the likelihood there is of the stain penetrating the leather. For old or stubborn stains, we suggest contacting Lederzentrum, an authorised partner and cleaning agent manufacturer recommended by Gala Collezione Furniture Manufacturer.