FAQ - Element replacement and alterations

Some time ago, I bought a couch with wooden legs that I would like to replace with chrome-plated ones. Is it possible to order such legs from you and how much will it cost?

If the legs that you like are available in the current standard offer, you can buy them through the Gala Collezione Service Department. Remember that every collection has a strictly dedicated set of components (such as legs) that are made to ensure the stability of the entire structure. Therefore, your couch might not be structurally prepared for changing the type of legs. If you change elements dedicated to a particular collection by yourself (in this case, legs), this will void the warranty. We cannot guarantee the stability and durability of such a piece of furniture.

Is it possible to alter a corner settee that I bought from the left-hand to the right-hand version? Do you offer such services?

It is possible only for some collections where furniture is marked as “universal corner settees.” In most collections, such an alteration is not possible for technical reasons.

I like one of your corner settees and it is too wide by 15 cm and will not fit my room. Can you make a smaller version of this piece of furniture for me?

For technical reasons, it is not possible to change the dimensions of particular modules or pre-configured furniture. Due to our production scale, our operations are standardised and every collection has a strict set of technical parameters (such as dimensions, type of mechanisms, fittings, materials, etc.), which need to be fixed in order to keep the highest quality, reliability and durability of the piece of furniture.

Do you provide reupholstery services? I would like to have seats reupholstered because they have worn out due to intensive use. What would be the cost of such a service? Is it possible to change the type of upholstery, e.g. from leather to fabric?

Yes – such orders are fulfilled by the Gala Collezione Service Department. Furniture renovation is also possible, which involves:

  • reupholstery of a piece of furniture with the same type of material;
  • changing the furniture upholstery type from leather to fabric and vice-versa;
  • changing the fillings of the furniture elements.

Such a service is always quoted individually depending on the model, scope of works and upholstery type.

If reupholstery applies to a specific element of a piece of furniture and not the entire piece of furniture, there can be a slight difference in appearance between the new element and the old ones. It applies to both fabric and natural leather.

Remember that renovating furniture older than 5 years can turn out to be too expensive due to the normal wear and tear of the filling materials and components. It is so because complete reupholstery often involves the necessity to change all the filling elements at the same time.

Is it possible to add a sleeping function mechanism to a couch because the frame has broken and I cannot use the function?

Yes – you can order it via the Gala Collezione Service Department, provided that the mechanism type is still offered by the suppliers of furniture components and fittings.

Such an order is always quoted individually.

Is it possible to add a sleeping function to a couch that does not have such a function?

The design of furniture with and without a sleeping function is different. Therefore, it is not possible to add a sleeping function to a couch that is not originally equipped with it.

Is it possible to replace the furniture filling (insert and springs) because the seat has worn out?

Yes – it is possible to replace your couch filling with a new one. Such a service is provided by the Gala Collezione Service Department and quoted individually. Remember that each replacement of components is based on the currently available technology and components that are currently available in the market.

Is it possible to change the type of sleeping function in a piece of furniture I would like to buy?

Each collection has a strictly dedicated set of components and technical parameters that are specially selected to ensure the stability and problem-free operation of available functions (such as sleeping function). For design and technical reasons, it is not possible to change the function type into a different one.

I have noticed that, while rearranging a room, I accidentally scraped the leather on the side of a piece of furniture. Can I buy some dye that will cover it?

Yes – at the Gala Collezione Service Department, you can order a leather dye designed for covering small mechanical damage. The dye can only be used on unused elements (e.g. back, sides) or small scrapes because otherwise it can become wiped off due to the lack of additional protection. Dyes can be ordered in furniture leather colours that are currently available in the Gala Collezione offer.

Is it possible to take a piece of furniture apart in order to carry it up to an apartment, up the U-shaped stairs?

For transporting a piece of furniture, you can disassemble its legs, even if they are pre-installed by the manufacturer. However, if you disassemble any other elements of the piece of furniture, you will lose the warranty and run the risk of damaging it.

It is possible to order a partial disassembly and assembly of a piece of furniture to carry it into an apartment. Such an order can be placed at a furniture store after checking with the Gala Collezione Service Department that such a service is possible. If the order is accepted, the Service Department will disassemble only those elements that can technically be disassembled.

I own a swivel chair, but its base has broken up. Can I buy it from you?

Yes – you can order a new swivel chair base at the Gala Collezione Service Department, provided that the base type is available in the current offer.

Can I change the arrangement of elements of a corner settee? I would like to move it to another room and the current arrangement will not fit.

The arrangement of a couch or corner settee configured using elements of your chosen modular system is determined when you are making a purchase. The piece of furniture is then manufactured in our factory according to the target configuration. This means that, after the piece of furniture is delivered to your house, all the modules should be joined according to the originally chosen order – the one you specified at the furniture store when buying the couch or corner settee.

It is not recommended to rearrange or join the modules in a different configuration, as this can cause, for example, mismatch of the seat lines and other furniture elements. As a result, the piece of furniture might look different than originally. It is caused by design and technical factors but is also related to the fact that the final quality control in our Factory applies to a piece of furniture in its original arrangement according to the order.

I would like to buy a leisure couch from the Gala Collezione offer, but I am not sure whether it will fit through the room door. Please confirm whether the piece of furniture will fit.

Gala Collezione furniture is designed in a manner that a whole piece of furniture or its individual modules should fit through a standard, 80 cm wide door opening. When carrying the couch into a room, you need to consider not only the door opening size, but also the arrangement of the room where you want to place the piece of furniture, that is for example any turns behind the door frame, room furniture, columns and other structural elements.