FAQ - General questions

Why there is no furniture prices published on the website?

Gala Collezione is not involved in the retail sales of its furniture. The furniture is sold through a network of distributors — independent Polish and international furniture stores. The final retail price is set by our distributors and depends on several factors, such as your chosen upholstery type (such parameters as grade and durability), the function of the piece of furniture and the number and type of elements you choose when configuring it (applies to modular systems).

Does every furniture store have the same furniture prices?

Distributors are free to shape the final retail price; therefore, the prices may vary between different furniture stores.

In which furniture store can I see a couch I like on display?

Distributors can choose freely which furniture models they put on display. A piece of furniture that is on display in a store can be bought tomorrow by an interested customer and, then, be replaced with a completely different couch or corner settee. In order to be sure that you can see a piece of furniture of your choice, we suggest contacting the furniture store by telephone or e-mail beforehand.

Can I order a piece of furniture directly at the factory?

Gala Collezione does not conduct retail sales – therefore, it is not possible to order furniture directly from the manufacturer. We recommend going to a furniture store of your choice. For the full list of distributors, go to the WHERE TO BUY tab.

Where can I buy Gala Collezione furniture?

Gala Collezione furniture is available at numerous furniture stores all over the world. Their list can be found in the WHERE TO BUY tab.

I like a piece of furniture from a collection that has been cancelled. Is it possible to order such a piece of furniture?

Available for purchase are only collections that are currently on offer. It is not possible to order models that are no longer available for sale.

I have ordered a piece of furniture from a furniture store. Can I check with the factory the current manufacturing progress of my couch?

Gala Collezione is not a party to the agreement you make with the furniture store when you buy a piece of furniture. Therefore, we are unable to disclose any information relating to orders we are executing. Information on your order progress can always be obtained from the vendor.

I want to order a modular piece of furniture, but I do not know how to configure a couch that will fit my apartment. How can I do it?

The couch or corner settee of your dreams can be easily configured using a simple tool – Gala Collezione 2D Creator, available in English under www.DesignYourSofa.online and Polish under www.ZaprojektujSofe.Online.

For further furniture design help and advice, you can turn to furniture stores that distribute Gala Collezione furniture.

In the catalogue and on the website, I found a corner settee that I like, but it has the sleeping function on the right side. Is it possible to order the same corner settee but with the sleeping function on the left side?

Yes – all the Gala Collezione corner settees, both those already preconfigured and those you can design yourself to your needs out of the elements of a modular system of your choice, you can order the piece of furniture with the right-hand and the left-hand sleeping function. Thus, you can match the piece of furniture to the layout of the room where you want to place the corner settee.

Can I order a piece of furniture in a different colour or different upholstery than the one shown in pictures?

Yes – you can order a piece of furniture in any upholstery colour, chosen from the sample book of fabrics and natural leathers available at furniture stores that distribute Gala Collezione furniture. You can choose from more than 30 colours of natural leather and several thousand colours of fabric upholstery.

Additionally, you can choose the upholstery texture you like most. The sample books contain many various types of fabrics – from jersey, through woven fabrics and chenilles, to velvets. Pictures we publish in catalogues, leaflets and on the website show sample furniture upholstery colours and examples of interior design.