FAQ - Furniture upholstery

How can I determine the leather colour number of my corner settee? I would like to buy a chaise longue in the same colour, but I am afraid that I will choose a wrong upholstery colour shade.

You can find the furniture leather colour number of your corner settee on the last page of your warranty card. It is a symbol consisting of the letter G and digits. If the natural leather colour is available in the current Gala Collezione offer, you can order the piece of furniture of your choice at a furniture store. Remember, however, that this piece of furniture can be made of leather from a different production batch, which means there can be slight differences in its shade.

I own a leisure set from another manufacturer, upholstered with a fabric that is not available at Gala Collezione. I would like to extend this set with a piece of furniture from Gala Collezione. Is it possible to make an armchair using the same fabric?

Yes – we can make a piece of furniture using a fabric from outside the Gala Collezione offer. You should, however, take into account the fact that the upholstery made of such material is not covered by our warranty. Not knowing the fabric parameters, we cannot guarantee its features during the furniture use. We can make such guarantee, however, when it comes to all the furniture fabrics that are currently available in the Gala Collezione sample books, as those have been tested and checked by us. You can ask about the details (including price) of such a non-standard order at a furniture store.

Can I order a piece of leather in the shade of my corner settee from the factory?

If the given leather colour is available in the current offer of Gala Collezione, you can order it from a furniture store that distributes Gala Collezione furniture. You can obtain the order details and the leather price from a shop assistant.

Remember that all the leather colours that are delivered to us by suppliers are manufactured exclusively for Gala Collezione. Due to minimum manufacturing volumes, ordering leather in a colour that has been cancelled is impossible.

Can I order at the factory several metres of a fabric that a couch I bought is made of?

If the given fabric type and colour is available in the current offer of Gala Collezione, you can order it from a furniture store that distributes Gala Collezione furniture. Ask the furniture store assistant for the details and pricing.

However, it is not possible to order a fabric that has been cancelled, as it is most probably no longer manufactured.

Which of the leather types offered by Gala Collezione is the best?

Each type of natural leather we offer is characterised by its own set of features and parameters that affect its appearance and behaviour. Which leather type you consider the best depends on your expectations towards the furniture upholstery.

Which of the leather types offered by Gala Collezione is most durable?

All the Gala Collezione leathers will maintain their beautiful appearance and durability for a long time, provided that they are regularly and properly preserved using manufacturer-recommended products.

Which fabric is particularly recommended for pet owners?

None of the fabrics available in the market is fully resistant to damage, scratches, abrasions, and other harmful impact. However, there exist ones that meet particularly high durability standards. If you live with dogs, cats, or other pets, when choosing the upholstery type, pay particular attention to parameters provided by the manufacturers, e.g. wear and abrasion resistance. For example, you should avoid loose weave fabrics that can easily be caught by the claws of your pets.

I chose the leather / fabric colour from the sample book at a furniture store, but the piece of furniture I have received is of a slightly different shade. Why the difference?

The upholstery material samples in the sample books may come from different production batches than the materials used to manufacture your furniture. That is why, there can be slight differences in their shades. It is a normal situation that you might also encounter when ordering other elements of interior fittings and furnishings, e.g. when you are ordering bathroom tiles, floor panels or other finishing materials coming from different production batches.

What does the term “stain resistant fabric” mean?

When it comes to this type of fabric, the fibres are coated with a special finish that creates a protective barrier. It makes it possible to remove stains with just water, without the need to use any cleaning agents. Additionally, any spilled liquids can just be collected with a paper towel to restore the original condition of the fabric, as drops remain only on its surface. Such fabric types are also referred to as “easy clean fabric.”

Why does furniture with fabric upholstery look different than leather furniture?

Upholstery materials differ from each other with properties and structure. Therefore, the same piece of furniture can look different upholstered with leather than with fabric. It stems from the different thickness, texture, softness, and flexibility of particular materials. The differences may lie in the manner in which upholstery is fitted on a piece of furniture (e.g. the appearance of creases), as well as in the cut lines, e.g. the rear side of a couch made of fabric is different than that of a couch made of leather.

Why is my piece of furniture much harder than the one I saw on display at the store?

The differences may have two basic causes. First of all – the piece of furniture you saw at the furniture store could be sat or lain on by many people before you. It could be used intensively and frequently, which has led to the wear and tear of the finishing materials. You, on the other hand, received a brand-new piece of furniture.

Secondly – your couch and the one on display might differ in terms of the upholstery type and functions. The subjective feeling of comfort and softness of a piece of furniture will be different with the one upholstered with a more rigid material than the one upholstered with, for example, softer velvet.