FAQ - Furniture function operation

I would like to buy a couch to sleep on every day. What kind of a sleeping function do you recommend?

Gala Collezione furniture is primarily dedicated for leisure, so the sleeping function should be used only occasionally. If you really need a piece of furniture that you will set up for sleeping every day, choose a collection with the Italian frame system (you will sleep on a full-sized mattress) or the DL function (the sleeping area is created by the seat and the appropriately lowered back). Those types offer the most even sleeping area.

Regardless of what sleeping function you choose, we suggest using a top mattress available in the market. It will allow you to even out the sleeping area and additionally protect the furniture upholstery against excessive wear.

Why can most sleeping functions be used only occasionally?

Leisure furniture, such as couches and corner settees from Gala Collezione, is supposed to provide you with comfortable rest in a seating or a semi-lying position. When designing a piece of furniture, designers pay particular attention to immaculate furniture line and beautiful design as well as excellent seat and back ergonomics and profile so that they are soft and resilient, and properly support the spine.

The sleeping function is an element that raises the utility value of a piece of furniture but is not its main function. For design reasons, mechanisms where the sleeping area (special retractable part) is usually hidden inside the couch are used most commonly. After the piece of furniture is converted, the sleeping area is created by the seat and the retractable part. In such a case, small differences in height between the seat and the sleeping area or small gaps between those elements are natural.

In order to even out the sleeping area, we recommend using a top mattress available in the market, which additionally protects the furniture upholstery against excessive wear.

What is the difference between the relax and the relax PLUS functions?

Their main principle is the same – both allow you to adjust the back and the footrest inclination to your needs. You can unfold or fold the armchair to rest seating or half laying, depending on a situation. The difference between these relax function types lies in the comfort of relaxation. In the relax PLUS function, thanks to increased seat depth and thicker foam layer, it was possible to increase the armchair unfolding angle, which allows you to relax in an almost full lying position.

I would like to order a couch with a drinks cabinet as a retractable drawer, but in the collection I have chosen, there is only a drinks cabinet with a lifted top. Can I order a drinks cabinet that is available in a different collection?

Due to design reasons, it is not possible to join modules from different modular systems. Our designers prepare a furniture design so that the solutions used are in harmony with its design. Therefore, each of the modular systems include drinks cabinets that optimally match the line of the entire piece of furniture. We suggest seeing the full offer of the Gala Collezione modular systems – you are sure to find a model that meets all your expectations.