FAQ - Buying further furniture from a set

I own a furniture set, that is a corner settee and an armchair, made of leather. I would like to add two armchairs in the same colour to this set. Is it possible?

Yes – if the given leather colour is still available in the Gala Collezione current offer, you can place an order at any furniture store of your choice. Remember that there may be slight differences in the leather shade, even if you have chosen the same colour. It is caused by the fact that leather used to make the additional armchairs might come from a different production batch.

I own a corner settee that is no longer sold. I would like to buy an armchair from the same collection. Can you make it for me?

It is not possible to order furniture from a collection that is no longer on offer. We recommend choosing an armchair from a different collection or the “Your Relax Space” solo armchair lines.

Can I order a fabric sample book or a leather sample in a colour that I like from factory?

Gala Collezione furniture is sold by independent furniture stores, listed under the WHERE TO BY tab. Therefore, samples or sample books currently available in the Gala Collezione furniture fabric or natural leather offer can be seen or received at those furniture stores only. Contact a distributor of your choice to find out how the furniture store makes such materials available to its customers.

I found information that Gala Collezione manufactures furniture according to a customer’s individual order. What does it mean?

Every piece of furniture that leaves our factory has been made based on a customer’s individual order. Ordering a couch, a corner settee or an armchair, you choose the upholstery type and colour (you can choose leather type and colour or fabric type, texture and colour), thread colour, the colour of wooden elements, such as legs or tops (if applicable) and the number and type of blocks used for configuration (applies to modular systems). It is you who decide what the piece of furniture will look like and how big it will finally be. You can match it to the style of your apartment or to the size of your available space.