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Looking for a new couch or armchair? Check before you buy if it will fit your home

Have you found the furniture of your dreams in the furniture salon? Is it in your favourite colour, the upholstery is pleasant to the touch and comfortable to use, it has all the functions you need? You are wondering how it will look in your apartment – you can easily check it using your smartphone or tablet and the free View at Home application. Learn how to choose the right furniture for your home before you buy it.

How to use Intiaro

What is View at Home?

View at Home is a free application designed for Android and iOS phone and tablet users. Its main task is to help you to make the decision to buy furniture for your living-room. It makes simple and fast:

View at Home is a very useful tool which connects the real world with virtual reality so that the decision-making process of buying living-room furniture is easy, simple and convenient.

What do you gain thanks to View at Home application?

How can you use View at Home?

How to see a sofa in your home

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Furnishing a living-room for some is a great fun and a great adventure, and for others – a very tiring activity. Many are happy that there is such a huge choice of furniture in the stores, the others on the contrary – believe that if the choice were not that wide, it would be easier to decide on a particular model. No matter which of these two customer groups you belong to, it is certain that buying a couch, corner settee or armchair is a fairly time-consuming process and requires a thorough brainwork on many elements. You have to decide on how big the furniture should be, what kind of features it is to be equipped with, which design it will have, what colour of upholstery it will have, whether it is a piece of furniture in the finished configuration or rather you want to configure it yourself.

View at Home application is a convenient and simple tool which will help you to find the answer to this question.

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