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Use and care


Take good care of your leather couch and corner settee

A set of Gala Collezione care products has been developed jointly with the renowned research center Lederzentrum. It consists of a SOFT CLEAN cleaner (which removes most stains and dirt) and a LV PROTECTOR preservative agent (which water-proofs the surface and protects it against abrasion and cracking) – these are the only recommended cleaning and care products which support manufacturer’s warranty.


4 principles for effective care of natural leather


Principle 1

Carry out the first maintenance of your sofa using Gala Collezione care set:
step 1
– vacuum the furniture item
step 2
– clean it with a SOFT CLEAN cleaner and leave to dry,
step 3 – impregnate it with LV PROTECTOR and leave to dry

2 months after purchase
Principle 2

Remove fresh stains and dirt with a dry cloth

Principle 3

Dust the furniture using a dry cloth that attracts dust or a sponge slightly dampened with a cleaning agent

once a week
Principle 4

Carry out the full maintenance routine using Gala Collezione care set

2 – 4 times a year



How to ensure satisfaction from using Gala Collezione furniture?


Unpacking and arranging the furniture


Optimal conditions of the room
Air humidity  30 do 70 %
Temperature +15 do + 25 °C
Distance from radiators and other heat sources  min. 1 meter


Everyday use


Cleaning and maintenance

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