Sofas without sleeping function

Sofa without sleeping function is becoming more and more popular on the market and the fashion for it came to us from Milan, among others. A non-functional sofa is primarily intended to provide a comfortable rest in a sitting position. For this reason, the designers of this type of furniture pay great attention to ergonomics, profiling and fillings, which guarantee full relaxation in a sitting position.

Sofas without a sleeping function will look beautiful and elegant in lofts, apartments and houses – everywhere where space allows to expose their beautiful line and modern design. It is also a good solution for people who have the possibility to arrange separate guest bedrooms.

A non-functional sofa is usually characterized by greater visual lightness and relatively small dimensions. Often this type of furniture is placed on high, slender legs, which emphasize subtle design. The lack of a folding mechanism, which does not have to be hidden inside the sofa, makes it possible to achieve higher comfort in comparison with folding sofa beds and sofas.